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1 Write it down Writethe end downof the every month, pur­chaselook at you your make.list andAt de­cide where you can cut down. 2 Weekly menus Plan out your meals for the week. That way you know ex­actly what to buy and won’t be tempted to fill up your trol­ley with things that are not needed. 3 Share the load Buy bulk with a friend. Bulk items are only worth buy­ing if you use them before they ex­pire. Shop with a friend and split the per­ish­able items such as dairy prod­ucts. 4 Home­made drinks In­stead of buy­ing ex­pen­sive bot­tled drinks at the su­per­mar­ket, flavour tap wa­ter with lemon, lime, or mint. 5 Stock up In­stead of toss­ing them in the bin, save potato peel­ings, car­rot ends, scraps of onions, etc. Boil them in wa­ter for a few hours to make a de­li­cious stock and store it in the freezer for another time. 6 Con­tain your food Al­ways keep your sugar, flour, and dry pasta in air­tight con­tain­ers. They last a lot longer that way and you avoid stale food go­ing to waste. 7 Do it at night Run your wash­ing ma­chine and dish­washer at night to avoid peak en­ergy rates. They also pro­duce a lot of heat when run­ning, so it will save on your heat­ing bill in the win­ter, too. 8 Avoid im­pulse buy­ing Wait 48 hours before click­ing ‘buy’. If you force your­self to think about what you are buy­ing on­line, most of the time you will re­alise that you didn't need it after all. 9 Make your own art Don’t by ex­pen­sive art. In­stead, print some of your favourite pho­to­graphs in black and white and make a col­lage to put on your wall. 10 Save on your lunch Pack your lunch every day. You will save so much money by not buy­ing ready­made sand­wiches five times a week.

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