We re­veal the truth to some com­mon myths about our bod­ies…

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1 FALSE We all heard this one when we were kids, but there is no truth to it . While gum can­not be di­gested like nor­mal food, it does pass through your sys­tem in a lump.

2 TRUE While the cold weather it­self doesn’t make you sick, you are more prone to catch a cold virus when you are out­side in the cold as they spread through droplets in the air. Be­ing cold also weak­ens your im­mune sys­tem, mak­ing you more sus­cep­ti­ble to get­ting ill.

3 FALSE Colds are at their most con­ta­gious when the symp­toms are at their worst. While you should wash your hands of­ten and take other pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures through­out the life of a cold, you should be es­pe­cially dili­gent when your symp­toms are at their worst.

4 FALSE Women should do what­ever makes them feel bet­ter when they’re on their pe­riod, in­clud­ing ex­er­cise. Ex­er­cise, in fact, makes you feel bet­ter as it in­creases en­dor­phins, a hor­mone that makes you feel hap­pier.

5 TRUE After eat­ing, the body di­verts the blood away from the mus­cles and to the gut. The lack of blood in your mus­cles could cause a cramp if you go swim­ming too soon after a meal. It’s best to wait for your food to di­gest and for your blood flow to re­turn to nor­mal before you ex­ert your­self.

6 FALSE What makes hair grow are the fol­li­cles be­neath the sur­face of the skin, and what comes out is ac­tu­ally dead by the time it reaches the sur­face. This dead hair ap­pears to be thicker be­cause it hasn’t been ex­posed to the sun.

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