The Se­rial Killer Woman Wor­shipped

One man went on a bru­tal ter­ror spree in the name of Sa­tan

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For two years, one man known as the ‘Night Stalker’ ter­rorised Cal­i­for­nia res­i­dents. Dur­ing the 80s, he broke into homes across Los Angeles and San Fran­cisco in the dark­ness of night, rap­ing and tor­tur­ing over 25 vic­tims and killing at least 13.

When he was fi­nally cap­tured, the Night Stalker turned out to be Texas born Richard Ramirez.

From an early age, he was in­ter­ested in Satanic wor­ship, and as a teenager, he got in­volved in petty crimes to fuel a drug habit. It saw him in ju­ve­nile de­ten­tion. In 1983, he was sent to prison for car theft.

When he was re­leased a year later, he had no prospects and fa­mously, had rot­ting teeth.

On June 28, 1984, he robbed the home of Jen­nie Vin­cow, 79.

Ramirez sex­u­ally as­saulted her then stabbed her re­peat­edly in her bed, slash­ing her neck so deeply, she was nearly de­cap­i­tated. Nine months later, he struck again, at­tack­ing Maria Her­nan­dez out­side of her flat, but she man­aged to es­cape. So, Ramirez went in­side and mur­dered her room­mate Dayle Okazaki, 34, in­stead. Later that evening, he shot and killed Tsai Lian Yu. He was es­ca­lat­ing. The me­dia got wind of a se­rial killer in the area and ini­tially dubbed him the ‘Val­ley In­truder’. Ten days later, he mur­dered Vin­cent Zaz­zara, 64, and his wife Max­ine, 44. The twisted killer used a method that he’d go on to re­peat. He shot the hus­band first, then as­saulted the wife before stab­bing her to death and goug­ing out her eyes. Police started a fullscale in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the mur­ders, but they couldn’t stop him killing pen­sion­ers Wil­liam and Lil­lie Doi in the same bru­tal way. Over the next two months, Ramirez went on a fren­zied spree, leav­ing vic­tims in his wake. He broke into houses in the early

hours and mur­dered the home­own­ers us­ing guns, a ma­chete, a tire iron, knives, and even his fists. He’d scrawl pen­ta­grams on the

He struck in the dark­ness of night

walls and left the city of Los Angeles in a state of pure ter­ror. A task force was set up and the FBI got in­volved. Ramirez’s ac­tions ap­peared con­stantly in the press and photo-fits were con­structed. He was forced to move north to San Fran­cisco. There he mur­dered Peter and Bar­bara Pan. Now he was re­ferred to as the ‘Night Stalker.’ Home­own­ers got ex­tra locks on their doors to try fend off the man de­scribed as His­panic with long hair and a foul smell. Ramirez’s fi­nal at­tack on Au­gust 24, 1985, would lead to his down­fall. His vic­tim sur­vived and was able to de­scribe the stolen car he was driv­ing.

A tele­vised ap­peal helped track the car – and in­side were the fin­ger­prints of Richard Ramirez. His mug shot was re­leased. An

The se­rial killer was a big hit with his fe­male ad­mir­ers

an­gry mob recog­nised him held him down un­til the police ar­rived and ar­rested him.

Not only did the photofits match him, there were sur­vivors who could pos­i­tively iden­tify him and ev­i­dence from the count­less crime scenes.

Con­vict­ing Ramirez was a long and com­plex process that also saw him do ev­ery­thing pos­si­ble to de­lay.

The killings were also across var­i­ous states which made it even more com­pli­cated.

He was charged with 14 mur­ders and 31 other felonies.

Some were dropped in or­der to try and speed up the process.

It would take three years for a jury se­lec­tion to be­gin and due to the huge num­ber of wit­nesses and ev­i­dence, it took another year to get through the case.

It cost Los Angeles County a record $1.8mil­lion.

By now, Ramirez had at­tracted quite a large de­voted fol­low­ing due to his Satanic wor­ship.

Many would ap­pear at the court in black in an al­most cult-like wor­ship – es­pe­cially women.

It was quite an el­e­va­tion for a man who had of­ten been de­scribed as foul smelling.

One cap­ti­vated woman was

Doreen Lioy, who Ramirez would ac­tu­ally go on to marry in prison.

Ramirez showed no re­morse and played up to the at­ten­tion by wear­ing sun­glasses like a rock star.

He even got his teeth fixed and tried to flirt with the fe­male ju­rors.

At one point, he drew a pen­ta­gram on his hand and yelled ‘Hail Sa­tan.’

The pub­lic were com­pletely cap­ti­vated.

Fi­nally, in Septem­ber 1989, the jury found Ramirez guilty of 13 mur­ders, five counts of at­tempted mur­der, 11 sex­ual as­sault charges and 14 bur­glary charges.

Two months later, he re­ceived 19 death sen­tences.

He re­sponded; ‘No big deal. Death al­ways comes with the ter­ri­tory. I’ll see you in Dis­ney­land.’

Dur­ing sen­tenc­ing, the judge said Ramirez dis­played ‘cru­elty, cal­lous­ness and vi­cious­ness beyond any hu­man un­der­stand­ing.’

The 29-year-old told the court; ‘I am beyond good and evil. I will be avenged. Lu­cifer dwells in us all.’ The Night Stalker was sent to San Quentin Prison in Cal­i­for­nia where he con­tin­ued to be linked to more crimes, in­clud­ing the hor­rific rape and Satanic rit­ual mur­der of a nine-year-old girl in San Fran­cisco. After mar­ry­ing the con­victed killer, Doreen said her hus­band was ‘kind, funny and charm­ing.’ But in re­al­ity, he left dev­as­ta­tion in his wake. After 23 years on death row, Richard Ramirez died of nat­u­ral causes on 7 June, 2013, aged 53. His death was due to com­pli­ca­tions re­lated to B-cell lym­phoma. The man in­spired by Sa­tan was dead, but even to­day, he haunts so many.

The trial cost $1.8 mil­lion The se­rial killer charmed at his trial

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