Is it time to con­fess?

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I’m in love with my best friend. We’ve been mates over 20 years and it’s only re­cently that I’ve re­alised he’s the kind­est, fun­ni­est man I’ve ever met. I don’t think he feels the same way, but I need to know for sure. Should I tell him and risk it all? Carly, Leeds

Pick Me Up! YES reader Ge­or­gia from Brighton says:

Of course you should! What if he feels the same way? Then you’ll have hit the jack­pot. You’d be with a guy you fancy and who is ac­tu­ally your best friend. If he doesn’t feel the same way, there’s no way he would throw away two decades of friend­ship over it.

Pick Me Up! NO reader Rosy from Stoke-on-trent says:

You al­ready ad­mit you don’t think he feels the same way, so why risk ru­in­ing the bril­liant friend­ship you have? Be hon­est. You’d know by now if he liked you in that way and there’s a big chance that things will never be the same if you con­fess. Trea­sure him as a mate and look for some­one else.

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