Jay Woodall, 33, from Fleet in Hamp­shire, adds a unique in­gre­di­ent to her smooth­ies…

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Tak­ing a swig from my red smoothie, I licked my lips. De­li­cious! ‘Can I have some?’ my son Demetrius, then two, asked.

I smiled as he chugged it, smack­ing his lips. But this was no or­di­nary drink. It had a very spe­cial in­gre­di­ent… My own pla­centa! It all started when I was preg­nant with my first child, Lo­gan, in 2008.

I read an ar­ti­cle which ex­plained how con­sum­ing pla­centa could have many health ben­e­fits.

It could raise your en­ergy lev­els and bal­ance your hor­mones…

You could blend it and drink it, or grind it into cap­sules.

‘I’m go­ing to give it a try,’ I told my hubby Jon, now 35.

But then I couldn’t find a lo­cal com­pany who could help me, so my pre­cious pla­centa ended up in the bin.

It was the same when Demetrius was born in 2012.

I’d opted for home births in a pad­dling pool for them both. I said no to pain re­lief and had my births filmed.

I’d even had their um­bil­i­cal cords dried and made into pre­cious keep­sakes.

Fi­nally, when I was preg­nant with my third, in 2014, I found a lo­cal pla­centa spe­cial­ist.

So when River was born in De­cem­ber 2014, I went for it.

I had a home birth, and my pla­centa looked beau­ti­ful – like a small, red tree.

‘I’d like to keep it,’ I told the mid­wife.

Be­fore I knew it, it had been plonked into a plas­tic bowl, cov­ered in cling­film and popped in the fridge.

The pla­centa spe­cial­ist, Carly, came round later that day. She chopped my pla­centa in two. Cut­ting one por­tion into chunks, she popped them into a blender, raw. Then she added co­conut wa­ter and berries be­fore giv­ing it a good whizz. Jon gri­maced as I took a first sip. When I of­fered it to him, he re­fused, un­til Carly ex­plained some of the health ben­e­fits. Carly ground down the rest and made it into cap­sules. It made 150 pills and I took them twice a day. But my milk pro­duc­tion was crazy! So I went down to one ev­ery day, so they lasted most of the year. My en­ergy lev­els went through the roof, even with a new­born to look af­ter. ‘This stuff is magic,’ I said. And it’d only cost £180 for the lot. So, when our fourth child, Storm, ar­rived on 31 July last year, I did the same. The pla­centa re­ally is a beau­ti­ful thing. ‘It’s like the tree of life,’ I tell peo­ple. Storm is a year old now and I still take my pla­centa cap­sules ev­ery day. I’m buzzing! How many mums with four kids can say that? Yes, some peo­ple think I’m rather strange. And I know cer­tain ex­perts and stud­ies have ques­tioned whether there are any health ben­e­fits to eat­ing your pla­centa. But I don’t care. I feel hap­pier, health­ier and more en­er­gised. Plus, I can think of worse things to eat!

It’s good for you! It looked like a tree

The kids love it too

Um­bil­i­cal keep­sake

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