‘I curled into a ball and cried’


Ash­ton, 23, says, ‘ I’m def­i­nitely a lot more con­fi­dent now. Be­fore, I looked in the mir­ror and thought, “This isn’t right.” Now I look in the mir­ror, and I fit.

‘The worst mo­ment I re­mem­ber was bind­ing my breasts one day, and I looked in the mir­ror. It just wasn’t work­ing, and I curled into a ball and just cried and couldn’t go out.

‘ I’d love to give some­thing back to the trans com­mu­nity – the Trans Peer Sup­port Group lit­er­ally saved my life. When I went through it, I had no- one to turn to, and didn’t know what to do – but I was lucky I had my fam­ily.’

Ash­ton (right) with part­ner Li­ayle

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