Re­port Drug­gie Neigh­bours?

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Gayle, 33, Birm­ing­ham

I’ve re­cently no­ticed that my next-door neigh­bours sit out­side most week­ends and smoke weed.

I re­ally hate the smell of it and don’t even like to let my chil­dren go in the gar­den when they’re out there.

My boyfriend and I don’t do drugs, but he’s more re­laxed about it. He says they’re not hurt­ing any­one so I should leave it, be­cause oth­er­wise they’re good neigh­bours.

I agree that they’re a nice young cou­ple – they keep an eye on our house and look af­ter our cats while we’re on hol­i­day.

I’m too em­bar­rassed to talk to them about it and I’m con­sid­er­ing just telling our land­lord anony­mously.

Should I re­port them?


Pick Me Up! reader Chris­tine Hinch­liffe says, ‘What re­ally rat­tles my cage is that they’ve no re­spect for oth­ers that live on the street.

Do they think ev­ery­one’s just got to shut up and put up? I’d re­port them – it won’t stop un­til you do.

And I bet they’d say some­thing to you, if your chil­dren were an­noy­ing them!

Your kids have a right to play out in their own gar­den with­out be­ing sub­jected to their smok­ing.’


Pick Me Up! reader Natalie Marie Rob­son says, ‘If they’re good, nice neigh­bours and do noth­ing wrong, other than smok­ing weed, I wouldn’t rock the boat. Even if you re­port them anony­mously, they may be­come sus­pi­cious, which could make things dif­fi­cult.

In the worst case, if they move out you could get neigh­bours who are far worse. As long as they don’t cause trou­ble, I don’t see that there’s an is­sue.’

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