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Lynette, 28, Bolton

My daugh­ter, 6, and son, 4, go to their dad and step­mum’s house at week­ends, and they of­ten take them swim­ming.

In the chang­ing rooms, their step­mum strips, she even got in the bath with my daugh­ter.

I’m not ac­cus­ing their step­mum of any­thing, she loves my kids and they like her. She’s just more free-spir­ited than me. But I still feel weird.

Should I ask her to keep cov­ered up around my kids?


Pick Me Up! reader Gemma Car­rick says, ‘As the chil­dren’s mother, you’ve the right to bring them up in a way you feel is ap­pro­pri­ate.

Say some­thing like, “The kids love go­ing swim­ming, but said they saw you naked. If you could take care to cover up, I’d re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate it.”

Make sure she knows you mean no of­fence and add that the kids love be­ing with her.

Start­ing and end­ing with a pos­i­tive is al­ways best.‘


Pick Me Up! reader Steph Turner says, ‘You can’t con­trol what goes on when the kids are with their dad, un­less you fear for their safety or if they’re un­happy.

Chil­dren need to know that bod­ies are pri­vate, but also that they’re nor­mal. Find­ing that bal­ance is im­por­tant.

I’d get it if she walked about the house naked in front of them, but I don’t see an is­sue when they’ve gone swim­ming.

The most im­por­tant thing is that she loves your chil­dren and they like be­ing with her.’

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