daddy’s Girl!

Ha­ley’s spe­cial guest was the Cherry on top for daugh­ter’s school run

Pick Me Up! - - REAL LIFE SHORT BUT SWEET - Ha­ley Mac­tavish, 31, Nor­wich

When my hubby Alun, 33, broke the news last Novem­ber that he’d got a job in Antarc­tica, I burst into tears.

We’d been to­gether since we were 18. And hadn’t been apart for longer than two weeks!

But Alun was an elec­tri­cian and this post – rewiring an Antarc­tic base – would mean we'd 'db be apart for four months. How would the kids cope..? When Alun left, Ash­ton, 12, took it well. But Cherry, 10, and Romy, 4, cried daily. I missed him, too.

But Alun had a bril­liant time… ski­ing, ice climb­ing, he even got to see pen­guins!

In March, two weeks be­fore Alun was due back, I’d had a bad day, when he called… ‘Want to hear a se­cret?’ he said to me, ‘I’m on the boat!’ He was com­ing home early! When I picked him up, I could’ve hugged him for­ever. We were in time to pick Cherry up from school, too. While we waited for her, I pressed record on my phone. And, as she walked out with her friends, she sud­denly stopped dead.

‘I see Daddy!’ she screamed, burst­ing into tears.

She dashed into his arms. I’m sur­prised I man­aged to hold my cam­era straight, I could hardly see for tears!

Upload­ing the video to Youtube, the clip went vi­ral.

I even saw it fea­tured on­line for an Amer­i­can TV show!

Now, Cherry won’t let her daddy out of her sight.

Alun’s been asked to work abroad for a year. But he’s vowed not to leave again.

His girls need him at home!

Alun won’t leave us again!

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