Buy­ing A Bed


1 Plea­sur­able trip

When you shop for a bed, make it re­lax­ing, as you choose wisely if you’re not in a hurry.

2 Feel comfy

Dress ca­su­ally so you can test beds in your nor­mal sleep po­si­tion.

3 Two’s com­pany

If the bed’s for two, try it to­gether. Spend five to 10 min ly­ing to­gether on each one.

4 Size mat­ters!

Buy the big­gest bed that’ll fit. Dis­tur­bance is a ma­jor cause of in­ter­rupted sleep Ð so the big­ger the bed, the more space you’ll have.

5 Rep­utable sites

If buy­ing on­line, search shop­ first, as it lists sites with se­cure credit-card trans­ac­tions, clear de­liv­ery prices and re­turns poli­cies.

6 Don’t scrimp

Each £100 in­vested in a bed is less than 4p a night over seven years!

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