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Wolff-parkin­son-White (WPW) syn­drome

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1 It af­fects the heart. ■ True ■ False 2 It’s a ter­mi­nal con­di­tion. ■ True ■ False 3 There’s no ex­act cause. ■ True ■ False 4 It can be di­ag­nosed with an ECG. ■ True ■ False

1 True The con­di­tion is fairly com­mon and causes the heart to beat ex­tremely fast for pe­ri­ods of time.

2 false WPW syn­drome usu­ally isn’t se­ri­ous. Many won’t have symp­toms or only ex­pe­ri­ence oc­ca­sional, heart-rac­ing episodes. The con­di­tion can nor­mally be cured when treated.

3 false It’s caused by an ex­tra elec­tri­cal con­nec­tion in the heart, brought on by a strand of heart mus­cle grow­ing while the baby’s de­vel­op­ing in the womb.

4 True an ECG records the rhythm and elec­tri­cal ac­tiv­ity of your heart. an ECG will de­tect un­usual pat­terns, so if the con­di­tion is found, it can be treated.

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