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We test 3 prod­ucts so you don’t ’t h have to. This week cherry pie

Pick Me Up! - - QUICK & EASY RECIPE -

1 Tesco Morello cherry pie, £1

With a de­li­cious, crumbly, but­tery pas­try, and a sweet and juicy fill­ing of whole cher­ries in a thick sauce, this def­i­nitely has more flavour served hot, rather than cold.

2 Sains­bury’s Morello cherry pie, £2.75

A sugar-coated crust gives this sweet­ness, there’s lots of fill­ing in this deep pie – eas­ily enough for six por­tions. You can serve this cold, but if you have time, it’s def­i­nitely worth warm­ing it through first.

3 Waitrose Morello cherry pie, £2.99

The but­tery pas­try is thick, but per­fectly cooked. And, while it tasted good served straight from the box, as with the oth­ers, it has the max­i­mum flavour when it’s heated through – and it’s per­fect with hot cus­tard.

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