My De­signer Vagina Found Me True Love!

Vicky’s bits got a makeover

Pick Me Up! - - OUR PICK ME UPS! - Vicky Evans, 35, New­castle­un­der-lyme

Af­ter seven years of be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship, I was sin­gle again and ut­terly mis­er­able. At just 33, I felt so rub­bish about my­self that I never imag­ined I’d find love again.

De­pressed, I was on Prozac, and didn’t have the con­fi­dence to go on dat­ing sites, let alone meet some­one in the flesh.

In fact, I didn’t re­ally have any con­fi­dence at all – and it was all be­cause of what was lurk­ing be­tween my legs…

In the last year or so, I’d got my­self in shape by eat­ing more healthily and go­ing to the gym. I’d lost 3st, and looked good. Trou­ble was, the weight loss had toned me up all over, but had left me with saggy, crepey skin around my vagina.

I sup­pose the years of Hol­ly­wood wax­ing hadn’t helped ei­ther. Telling a beau­ti­cian to ‘take it all off ’ wasn’t too kind on my bits.

Now my vagina was more like an old lady’s than a 30-some­thing woman’s – all wrinkly and ugly.

It’s hor­ri­ble, I wor­ried. I don’t want any­one new to see me naked.

No scalpels!

I felt so in­se­cure about the way I looked ‘down there’, I couldn’t imag­ine ever get­ting close to another man. And, even if I did, I’d be too self-con­scious to en­joy sex.

It sounds silly, but it both­ered me so much that I even re­sorted to look­ing on­line for help. Only, surgery sounded scary.

Then, one day, I read about some­thing called the BTL In­tima Treat­ment.

A non-in­va­sive, non­sur­gi­cal de­vice for labia re­mod­elling… the ar­ti­cle said.

It claimed the pro­ce­dure could tighten and firm the vulva, and even heighten sen­si­tiv­ity for greater sex­ual sat­is­fac­tion.

With­out telling any­one, I booked a con­sul­ta­tion.

There, the nurse ex­plained how it was to be done.

‘It’s pain-free,’ she told me. The ma­chine uses ra­diofre­quency and ul­tra­sound en­ergy to heat up the col­la­gen within the outer labial tis­sue, caus­ing it to con­tract.

As a re­sult, the tis­sue would tighten and new col­la­gen would be pro­duced – with­out any need for a scalpel!

The pro­ce­dure would set me back £1,000. But can you put a price on hap­pi­ness?

In July 2016, I had the first treat­ment.

It was re­ally just like go­ing for a bikini wax – but with­out the pain!

Af­ter one ses­sion,

I couldn’t be­lieve the dif­fer­ence. The skin down there was so much smoother and tighter. Al­most in­stantly, I felt more con­fi­dent than I had done for ages. It made such a huge dif­fer­ence to how I felt about my­self that, just three weeks af­ter hav­ing the third treat­ment, I had the con­fi­dence to look for love again. Sign­ing up to a dat­ing web­site, I got quite a few mes­sages from men who wanted what they de­scribed as ‘fun’. Some even sent pic­tures of their willies!

No thanks!

Hor­ri­fied, I started to have se­cond thoughts.

But then I got a mes­sage from a bloke called Si­mon.

I re­ally like your pic­tures, he wrote.

His weren’t bad ei­ther! I mes­saged back and we started talk­ing. Turns out we liked the same mu­sic, and had both al­ways dreamed of go­ing on hol­i­day to Ja­pan.

He lived about an hour from me in Can­nock.

I told him about my job in a bank, and the mes­sages pinged back and forth. And then he sug­gested a

Feel­ing con­fi­dent, I signed up to a dat­ing web­site...

face-to-face date...

It was a whole three months later, last Septem­ber, that I even­tu­ally plucked up the courage to meet him in a pub.

I ar­rived first, and sat keep­ing an eye out.

Sud­denly, a re­ally good-look­ing, dark­haired bloke started walk­ing over.


First kiss

He was even bet­ter­look­ing in the flesh.

And there was in­stant chem­istry be­tween us.

We talked for hours, and laughed a lot.

At the end of the evening, he kissed me on the cheek.

Work com­mit­ments meant it was a month be­fore we saw each other again, when he came to my house. That night, we kissed prop­erly, and my whole body came alive.

We slept to­gether for the first time, too, and it was amaz­ing – the best sex ever.

Af­ter­wards, I couldn’t help but share my se­cret.

‘I’ve got a de­signer vagina,’ I told Si­mon.

He burst out laugh­ing. ‘You what?’ he said, and lis­tened in amaze­ment as I ex­plained what I’d had done.

‘You didn’t need to do that!’ he said. ‘I bet you were fine be­fore.’

‘It was re­ally af­fect­ing my con­fi­dence,’ I ex­plained. ‘I’d never have met you with­out hav­ing had it done.’

When I told him what a huge dif­fer­ence it’d made to me psy­cho­log­i­cally, he un­der­stood what’d driven me to do it.

Be­fore, I would never have been the one to in­sti­gate sex but, a few weeks on, I had the last treat­ment and our sex life was bril­liant.

In June, we went on hol­i­day to­gether to Tur­key, and barely got out of bed!

We’ve been to­gether nearly a year now, and we’d like to get mar­ried and have chil­dren one day.

I never thought I’d have the con­fi­dence to date again. But, thanks to my new, im­proved bits, I’ve found my for­ever love!

Be­fore I lost 3st Me now. This lit­tle ma­chine worked won­ders!

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