Triple Killer Even Slashed His Own Lawyer!

Kevin Sweat S t slaugh­tered two girls and his fi­ancee, then at­tacked his lawyer with a ra­zor blade. Why?

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Some­times you can just tell when two peo­ple are in love. That cer­tainly seemed the case for Kevin Sweat and his 23-year-old fi­ancee Ash­ley Tay­lor.

To­gether four years, they lived to­gether in Hen­ryetta, Ok­la­homa.

Ac­cord­ing to fam­ily, Sweat was al­ways giv­ing Tay­lor cud­dles, call­ing her ‘sweetie’.

And, on 15 July 2011, Ash­ley told her par­ents they were elop­ing to Louisiana to get mar­ried on the 29th.

But Ash­ley was never seen again.

When Sweat even­tu­ally re­turned alone, Ash­ley’s fam­ily filed a miss­ing­per­son re­port.

Sweat was then ar­rested.

He claimed he and Ash­ley had ar­gued af­ter leav­ing home, and she’d got out of the car.

In Au­gust, po­lice found charred ashes con­tain­ing bone frag­ments on Sweat’s dad’s farm. Also among the ashes were Ash­ley’s glasses and a di­a­mond ring.

Sweat was charged with her mur­der.

Mean­while, po­lice made another im­por­tant dis­cov­ery.

A gun re­ceipt and shell cas­ings linked to the un­solved mur­ders of two girls back in 2008.

Friends Tay­lor Placker, 13, and Skyla Whi­taker, 11, had been shot dead as they walked along a dirt road near Weleetka, Ok­la­homa.

Sweat even­tu­ally ad­mit­ted to killing all three, re­port­edly say­ing he’d cut Ash­ley’s jugu­lar. In Oc­to­ber 2014, Sweat, 28, was jailed for life.

So what turned Kevin Sweat into a mon­ster?

Born to Deborah and Cur­tis, lit­tle is known about Kevin’s early life. His mother de­scribed her son as ‘never hav­ing been vi­o­lent as an adult or child.’

A ‘mama’s boy’. Even­tu­ally his par­ents di­vorced – and, that same year, his el­dest brother died.

Trou­bled child

Psy­cho­log­i­cal re­ports sug­gested Sweat had had a trou­bled child­hood,

and strug­gled to ac­cept re­al­ity. This cer­tainly seemed to be the case when he was first ques­tioned about the deaths of Tay­lor and Skyla.

Sweat said he’d been driv­ing when he saw ‘two mon­sters’ come at him. That he ‘pan­icked’, grabbed his gun from the glove box and shot the ‘mon­sters’.

He said men­tal prob­lems and de­monic posses­sion made him do it.

In Au­gust

2012, Sweat pleaded not guilty to killing

Po­lice found charred ashes and a di­a­mond ring

Ash­ley. How­ever, he was or­dered to stand trial for all three mur­ders.

Then in Jan­uary 2014, a foren­sic psy­chol­o­gist said that tests showed prob­lems with the way Sweat per­ceived or pro­cessed in­for­ma­tion.

‘Things get jum­bled up in his brain,’ the ex­pert told the court.

That May, Sweat wrote to TV sta­tion Fox 25. He said his lawyers had told him he could not dis­cuss the ‘mess’ he was in.

Crim­i­nol­o­gist Dr Shawna Cleary stud­ied the let­ter.

‘My first im­pres­sion is you’ve got some­one who is ex­tremely nar­cis­sis­tic, who is ob­sess­ing over his case and ob­sess­ing about ways he can get out of the trou­ble that he’s in,’ she said.

An in­sight

Yet, he must have re­alised he wasn’t go­ing to get out of trou­ble be­cause, in July 2014, Sweat waived his right to a jury trial in ex­change for prose­cu­tors not seek­ing the death penalty. It meant his fate would be de­ter­mined by a judge.

Later that month, he ad­mit­ted the three mur­ders in ex­change for a chance to talk to the FBI.

Then came the big­gest in­sight into what mo­ti­vated

Sweat to kill.

Prose­cu­tors re­vealed ev­i­dence that Sweat blamed the Placker fam­ily for his brother’s death.

He claimed his brother Brian had died of a drug over­dose back in 2007, from bad drugs sold to him by the Placker fam­ily.

So had Sweat killed Tay­lor Placker and her friend for re­venge? It seemed so. As for Ash­ley?

Had she found out about the mur­ders and needed si­lenc­ing?

Phil Cross, a re­porter at Fox

25 who wrote to Sweat in prison, said Sweat had hinted sev­eral times about crimes and prob­lems from his past. What was he re­fer­ring to?

It’s a se­cret Sweat may take to the grave.

In Oc­to­ber 2014, Kevin Sweat was given three life sen­tences with­out pa­role.

His sen­tence was de­layed by about an hour be­cause he at­tacked his lawyer with a ra­zor blade.

The fol­low­ing June, he ar­gued he should be able to with­draw his guilty pleas be­cause he didn’t fully un­der­stand the con­se­quences of plead­ing guilty.

As yet, the state hasn’t is­sued a re­ply to the ap­peal.

Sweat said he’d killed be­cause he was pos­sessed Sweat had hinted about crimes from his past

Skyla (left) and Tay­lor were gunned down Ash­ley’s mum at sen­tenc­ing Dad Michael was shocked

Ash­ley was never seen alive again

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