A Stroke At Just 2

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us to North Tees Hos­pi­tal to find out what was wrong with our lit­tle girl.

While we waited in A&E, Lexi played with the toy box, but she be­came frus­trated.

And she seemed va­cant, kept fall­ing over, as if she wasn’t in con­trol of her own body.

The doc­tor couldn’t find any­thing ob­vi­ously wrong with Lexi, although did agreed that she ap­peared to be strug­gling with the right side of her body.

Re­ferred to the chil­dren’s day unit, doc­tors ran blood tests and CT scans.

‘There’s a dark patch in the left side of her brain,’ the con­sul­tant said, look­ing at re­sults.

He was con­cerned, so the next day Lexi was taken for an MRI, which re­vealed the shock­ing truth.

‘So she re­ally did have a stroke!’ I sobbed, af­ter doc­tors broke the news.

To­tally stunned, I’d al­ways thought that strokes only af­fected older peo­ple.

Never in a mil­lion years did I think that my tod­dler would have one.

I couldn’t un­der­stand it The con­sul­tant ex­plained chil­dren do suf­fer strokes, it’s just ex­tremely rare.

The dark patch on the CT scan was a blood clot that was stop­ping oxy­gen from reach­ing the left side of her brain, caus­ing her phys­i­cal prob­lems on the right side.

Next day, we were trans­ferred to Royal Vic­to­ria In­fir­mary in New­cas­tle, where doc­tors ran tests to find the cause of Lexi’s stroke.

She was also given as­pirin to thin her blood.

Grad­u­ally, Lexi has im­proved, but she still has a slight weak­ness in her right arm, which makes it dif­fi­cult for her to write, draw, or pick things up.

Three months later, test re­sults showed the clot had de­vel­oped as the blood ves­sels around her brain were too nar­row.

It could be due to a pre­vi­ous in­fec­tion, or some­thing she was born with – doc­tors don’t know.

Lexi still takes as­pirin to stop her blood clot­ting. But our brave girl hasn’t let it slow her down.

De­spite be­ing nat­u­rally right-handed, she taught her­self to write and draw with her left hand.

Now 3, Lexi re­cently started dance classes to build up her mus­cles.

Doc­tors say she’s un­likely to suf­fer another stroke, but I can’t help wor­ry­ing. And I want other mums to know that chil­dren can have strokes, too.

So, if you think some­thing’s wrong, act im­me­di­ately.

She kept fall­ing over, as if she wasn’t in charge of her body

Our lit­tle girl is so brave… lexi hasn’t let it slow her down…

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