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ARIES 21 March–20 April

a set­back in your ca­reer could be a bless­ing, as it gives you the chance to go over what you’ve done and to per­fect your pre­sen­ta­tion. Flir­ta­tions are strong in your chart and could see you mak­ing some of your most im­pul­sive de­ci­sions this year.

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can­cer 22 June–23 July

Many of you can­ce­ri­ans will be toy­ing with the idea of rein­vent­ing your­self. You’re start­ing to think about what else you can do with your life – and you’re think­ing out­side the box. this new you has a lot to do with some­one who you can’t get off your mind. call: 09058 170 713*


24 Sept–23 Oct

there seems to a stand-off be­tween you and some­one with whom you used to have much in com­mon. try to be the big­ger per­son, and the first one to of­fer an olive branch. You’ll gain re­spect not just from the per­son con­cerned, but sev­eral other peo­ple if you do.

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capri­corn 22 Dec–20 Jan

What starts as ca­sual flirt­ing could turn into much more. although life may feel out of your con­trol this week, it seems that this is in a good way. Mak­ing time for those with whom you used to work can pro­vide in­sight into how your ca­reer can grow in the fu­ture… call: 09058 170 719*

taurus 21 April–21 May

the way you look’s more im­por­tant than usual. think about how you present your­self – it can open many im­por­tant doors right now. and here’s some­thing to put a smile on your face – Mer­cury’s promis­ing travel for you, so try to put some money aside for that.

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24 July–23 Aug

Have a lit­tle more tact when talk­ing to fam­ily now. Your stars cast you in the role of coun­sel­lor, and many signs will trust you with their deep­est se­crets. luck­ily for you, the ad­vice you’re giv­ing is sound. and don’t for­get to ad­dress your own is­sues this week, too!

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Scorpio 24 Oct–22 Nov

this week gives you the chance to re­think your plans for the com­ing months, and any lit­tle tweaks you make now will pay div­i­dends for a re­ally long time to come. un­ex­pected phone calls give you a rea­son to look for­ward to the fu­ture, in­stead of dread­ing it. call: 09058 170 717*

aquarius 21 Jan–19 Feb

You can’t find enough hours in the day to do all that’s on your agenda. can you share your load? Well, of course you can, but the prob­lem is you don’t want to. Mak­ing time for your­self over the com­ing days can, and will, show you what you’ve been miss­ing. call: 09058 170 720*

gemini 22 May–21 June

You’ve got the en­ergy and vigour to get through more work in one week than you have in the whole of last month. be nice to fam­ily – they may be go­ing through things of which you are as yet un­aware. an open mind sees them trust­ing you with some very im­por­tant news.

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virgo 24 Aug–23 Sept

Don’t let pride stand in the way of you say­ing and do­ing what you know is the right thing. trav­el­ling out of your way to help those you care for can earn you much re­spect and fu­ture sup­port. Forms need dou­ble check­ing – and pos­si­bly a pro­fes­sional opin­ion. call: 09058 170 715*

Sagittarius 23 Nov–21 Dec

lies in busi­ness are not ac­cept­able, and those you’ll be deal­ing with al­ready know far more than you think. Do your re­search and, in­stead of spend­ing time pre­tend­ing to work, do some! News of a split in your cir­cle gives you much food for thought.

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20 Feb–20 March

the events of re­cent days have given you a whole new level of re­spect for cer­tain peo­ple. it’s also taught you how or­di­nary peo­ple are ca­pa­ble of do­ing ex­tra­or­di­nary things. Your el­e­ment of wa­ter will bring out your con­fes­sional side on thurs­day and Fri­day. call: 09058 170 721*

24-30 Au­gust 2017

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