Mon­ster Killed His wife And Chil­dren…

What led cold-blooded killer Gre­gory Green to slaugh­ter his preg­nant wife, then his two daugh­ters and two stepchil­dren?

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In the early hours of 21 Septem­ber last year, po­lice were called to a home in Detroit. The man ring­ing said he’d mur­dered his fam­ily.

That man, Gre­gory Green, was wait­ing on the front porch when of­fi­cers ar­rived.

He was ar­rested, and po­lice dis­cov­ered the most un­think­able scene.

Green’s daugh­ters, Koi, 5, and Kaleigh, 4, were dead – killed by car­bon monox­ide poi­son­ing in­side a run­ning car in a closed garage.

Gre­gory’s two stepchil­dren, Chad­ney, 19 and Kara, 17, had been shot in the base­ment.

Their mother – Green’s wife, Faith Green – was found bound with duct tape and zip ties.

Green had slashed her face and shot her in the foot be­fore killing the older chil­dren in front of her.

This Fe­bru­ary, Gre­gory Green, 50, ad­mit­ted killing the four chil­dren plus tor­tur­ing his wife. He was later sen­tenced to at least 47 years in prison.

Shock­ingly, it wasn’t the first time Green had killed. In fact, his­tory was repeating it­self...

Steak knife

Twenty-five years ear­lier, Green had killed his wife at the time, Tonya, when she was six months preg­nant.

He’d stabbed her 10 times with a steak knife, killing her and her un­born baby.

So who was Gre­gory Green, and what turned him into a mon­ster ca­pa­ble of killing?

Green was the youngest of seven chil­dren, but lit­tle is known about his child­hood.

Af­ter his first wife Tonya fell preg­nant, their re­la­tion­ship be­gan to fall apart.

And, in 1991, when Tonya told Green she was leav­ing, he stabbed her to death then calmly phoned the po­lice.

‘I stabbed her,’ he said. ‘She’s in the kitchen.’

He claimed insanity but was ac­tu­ally found com­pe­tent to stand trial for sec­ond-de­gree mur­der.

Af­ter stab­bing Tonya, Green called his mum Tom­mie, say­ing that he wanted to die. She wrote a let­ter to a judge in 1992, be­fore Green was sen­tenced, say­ing,

I said not to do it be­cause it wouldn’t bring Tonya back and two wrongs will not make it right. He tried to kill him­self any­way in jail.

Tom­mie even claimed her son wasn’t a vi­o­lent per­son, plead­ing for him to get another chance at a new life. Her let­ter was one of many. Supporters asked for le­niency, say­ing Green was re­morse­ful, dis­played ‘good moral qual­i­ties’, was a ‘very good Chris­tian’, and not a threat to so­ci­ety.

One let­ter was from pas­tor Fred Har­ris, whose church Green had be­longed to.

In 1992, Green pleaded no con­test to sec­ond-de­gree mur­der, and was

He stabbed her, then calmly phoned the po­lice

jailed for 15 to 25 years. He was paroled in 2008.

Out of prison

On re­lease, he got to­gether with pas­tor Fred Har­ris’ daugh­ter Faith.

Al­ready a sin­gle mum to Kara and Chad­ney, she wasn’t de­terred by Green’s past.

The pair mar­ried in De­cem­ber 2010, and had two girls, Koi and Kaleigh.

Neigh­bours de­scribed the cou­ple as quiet and hard­work­ing. But, be­hind closed doors, things weren’t as cosy as it ap­peared.

Faith soon dis­cov­ered Green had a tem­per – and, in 2013, she filed for a re­strain­ing or­der against him.

The ap­pli­ca­tion was de­nied.

She filed for di­vorce that same year. But neigh­bours said that although she and the kids moved out, they later re­turned.

How­ever, Faith filed for di­vorce again in 2014.

Then, last year, Green killed his own chil­dren and his stepchil­dren.

Shoot­ing two of them dead in front of their own mother.

Still, no-one liv­ing close by had de­tected any prob­lems. So what had mo­ti­vated Green?

It tran­spired that just days be­fore the killings, he was served di­vorce pa­pers by Faith, yet again.

The same thing that had prompted him to kill the first time.

Some won­dered if he was men­tally ill.

How­ever, in October last year, Green was given a men­tal eval­u­a­tion, which in­di­cated he was com­pe­tent to stand trial.

Dur­ing sen­tenc­ing in March this year, Faith Har­ris-green told her killer ex, ‘You are a con artist. You are a mon­ster. You are a devil in dis­guise. You are now for­ever ex­posed.’

She also said, ‘Your jus­tice will come when you burn in Hell for all eter­nity for mur­der­ing four in­no­cent chil­dren, all be­cause you were in­se­cure.’

Green told the court, ‘…I feel bad for how this has deeply im­pacted ev­ery­one, and may God help them, help me, and help us all.’

Sadly, feel­ing bad will not bring back his vic­tims.

Days be­fore, he was served di­vorce pa­pers...

Stepchil­dren Chad­ney and Kara Daugh­ters Koi and Kaleigh

Faith, left, with her chil­dren Gre­gory Green: Ôgod help me...õ

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