Love They neigh­bour!

Faye’s true soul­mate had al­ways lived just doors away…

Pick Me Up! - - CONTENTS - Faye Dou­glas, 39, Red­ditch, Birm­ing­ham

Clap­ping my hands over my ears, I thought, What’s that noise? ‘Meet Neil!’ my mum Janet said to me, smiling.

He was the scream­ing baby brother of my friend Chris­tian, then 3. They lived next door, at num­ber 111.

‘I don’t like him,’ I said.

I was also 3 and, as we all grew up, Neil hung round like a bad smell.

‘Why is he here?’ I whis­pered to Chris­tian.

But we couldn’t get rid of him! Our fam­i­lies were re­ally close. His dad Slater, now 62, was a karate in­struc­tor who taught my brother Adam, now 42.

When Neil was 8, we were play­ing kiss chase in his gar­den. I was dis­gusted when he caught me! ‘Yuck!’ I squealed. He cried, when I ran off…

The next year, the fam­ily moved away.

We never re­ally said good­bye, and I didn’t think much of it.

Over the years, we lost touch. But then, when I was 30, I sud­denly spot­ted Neil in Birm­ing­ham city cen­tre. He was with his par­ents. ‘It’s Faye!’ his mum Jayne, now 56, said, com­ing over.

A spotty Neil hid be­hind her, re­fused to look me in the eye. I was with a boyfriend, try­ing to look cool.

Hot bloke…

Sadly, my boyfriend and I split up in 2009.

I’d stayed in Red­ditch, close to fam­ily. My house was just around the cor­ner from where I’d grown up.

One day, I spot­ted a new, red car driv­ing up my road, with a dark-haired bloke at the wheel. Ph­woar!

I spot­ted him of­ten af­ter that, mainly be­cause I was nosy!

One day, I was talk­ing to my mum about past times.

‘I won­der what’s hap­pen­ing with Chris­tian?’ she said.

That night, I de­cided to go

on Facebook to find out.

But I couldn’t find him. So I tried a search for Neil.

His pro­file popped up, and I nearly fell off my seat. Neil was the hot bloke with the red car!

That spotty guy I’d last seen with his mum was now a hunk.

Feel­ing a rush of adren­a­line, I in­vited him to be a friend…


Re­mem­ber me? I mes­saged. How could I for­get? he replied, giv­ing me but­ter­flies. We talked non-stop for a few days, jok­ing about old times. Then I plucked up the courage to ask where he lived… And he was in the same street, just like when we were kids. You should come for a cof­fee some time, I typed.

On my way, he replied. Within five min­utes, there was a knock at the door… It was just like be­ing young again. Ex­cept, this time, Neil was hand­some!

We clicked straight­away, and had such good fun to­gether. And he never re­ally left…

Three months later, he moved in – Chris­tian and our par­ents were all so happy for us. It was per­fect. Un­til, a year later, I was di­ag­nosed with en­dometrio­sis – a con­di­tion where the lin­ing of the uterus grows out­side the womb.

‘I might not be able to have kids,’ I told Neil.

‘We’ll just have to start try­ing now,’ he smiled.

Af­ter about four years, I fell preg­nant nat­u­rally.

But, sadly, I mis­car­ried. I didn’t want to put Neil through more pain, but was des­per­ate to have his chil­dren.

‘Why don’t we try IVF?’ he sug­gested to me.

But first, in March of last year, we got en­gaged – on a beach in Barcelona.

On Au­gust 27 that year, I had my first round of treat­ment.

One egg im­planted suc­cess­fully, but split!

‘You’re hav­ing iden­ti­cal twins,’ the sono­g­ra­pher con­firmed, at my six-week scan.

Neil and I burst into happy tears.

Fam­ily at last

Our boys Cilleon and Casseon were de­liv­ered by emer­gency Cae­sarean at just 31 weeks.

Both ba­bies had to be re­sus­ci­tated at birth.

At 2lb 6oz, Casseon needed three blood trans­fu­sions, and had a hole in his heart.

Cilleon, at 4lb 3oz, was on oxy­gen, with un­der­de­vel­oped lungs and pos­si­ble sep­sis.

Both were jaun­diced and had to be kept in in­cu­ba­tors.

Fi­nally, af­ter 9 weeks, we took our boys home.

Now, at 4 months old, the twins are healthy.

I pinch my­self ev­ery day, can’t be­lieve my luck.

I ended up hav­ing ba­bies with the baby I first met when I was a three-year-old!

And to think we’re get­ting mar­ried now, too. What a turn-up for the books! Faye is rais­ing money for Birm­ing­ham Women’s Neona­tal Ap­peal. For more info, go to: https://www. justgiv­­ing/ cilleo­nand­casseon

I ended up hav­ing ba­bies with the baby I first met at 3!

Fight­ers Cilleon, left, and Casseon

…but he grew into a strong, hand­some dad NOW

As kids, Neil was just a pain to me…

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