Lit­tle Pick Me Ups!

Emma found her sweet­heart in French class

Pick Me Up! - - CONTENTS - Emma Mc­cor­mack, 28, Der­byshire

We all re­mem­ber our high-school sweet­hearts. Mine was Matt Bet­tin­son. Swoon!

In my form class from age 11, we hardly spoke un­til we sat to­gether in French at 15. He was so funny, made me laugh.

In the same friend­ship group, we started to hang out at lunchtime to­gether.

Then, at 16, our friend Emma, 28, told me Matt fan­cied me.

Catch­ing his eye across the form room, I blushed. I fan­cied him, too! So my friends marched him over.

‘Will you be my girl­friend?’ he stut­tered.

I was so em­bar­rassed, but I still man­aged to say yes.

That night, we went to Ilke­ston fair – and we’ve never been apart since.

At univer­sity, we dated long-dis­tance. Then, at

27, we got jobs and set up home in Heaner, in Der­byshire.

Peo­ple were ob­sessed with us get­ting mar­ried. But af­ter a decade of wait­ing for a pro­posal, I gave up hope!

Then, on our 12-year an­niver­sary last Oc­to­ber, we were off to Ilke­ston fair again...

It’d be­come a tra­di­tion to meet with old friends there.

Our friend Laura mes­saged Matt, now 28, ask­ing to pick up our mate Conor from our old school on the way.

Conor was teach­ing there.

We were driv­ing to the fair any­way, so we made a detour.

When we ar­rived, I told Matt I’d wait in the car. But he in­sisted I come in with him, and wouldn’t take no for an an­swer. Weird… Matt told me Conor had ar­ranged for our old head teacher Joan to let us in.

She still worked there, and took us around the place for old times’ sake.

‘It’s changed so much!’ I gasped.

Only, when we got to Conor’s class­room, Joan pushed us in… and locked the door!

‘Matt, what the..?’ I gasped, stop­ping mid-sen­tence.

It was our old form room. The ta­ble where Matt first asked me out was cov­ered in can­dles and lanterns.

‘Will you marry me?’ he smiled, sit­ting in his old seat.

I’d hardly said yes when our friends came burst­ing out from the cup­board!

Turns out Matt’d been plan­ning it for months – even man­ag­ing to get the head teacher on board.

Well, they do say French is the lan­guage of love...

Our old teacher pushed us in…and locked the door!

Drink­ing in class? Well, we did have a good rea­son!

We’ve been in love since our teens

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