Seven-month Fight for Life

lit­tle drew's bloated belly was a sin­is­ter sign

Pick Me Up! - - HEALTH & HAPPINESS - Gemma Smart, 31, Lit­tle­port

my first preg­nancy went re­ally well. All my scans were fine, and on 23 Au­gust last year, my hubby Rob, 33, and I wel­comed baby Drew into the world.

And that was where the plain sail­ing ended.

Drew took his first feed but, that af­ter­noon, he re­fused an­other. He also hadn’t had a poo at all.

At 1am, I awoke to hear Drew be­ing sick. His vomit was black, so I hur­ried to the nurses’ sta­tion.

‘Help!’ I cried.

Drew con­tin­ued vom­it­ing, and a nurse no­ticed that the vomit had turned green.

‘Green means in­fec­tion,’ she said. Ter­ri­fy­ing.

‘Drew has colonic atre­sia,’ the sur­geon ex­plained.

The rare con­di­tion meant Drew’s colon was in­cor­rectly

Our poor boy was ba­si­cally vom­it­ing his own poo

formed, caus­ing a se­vere ob­struc­tion in his bowel.

‘His waste reaches the block­age and just keeps build­ing up,’ she added.

This meant that our poor boy was ba­si­cally vom­it­ing his own poo.

Drew would need a stoma bag for six months, to al­low his in­testines to grow.

We re­turned to the hospi­tal in Fe­bru­ary for the stoma re­ver­sal surgery.

Three days later, it turned out that scar tis­sue had been torn, per­fo­rat­ing his bowel. Sur­geons stitched up the 2mm hole, and he was taken to ICU.

Rob and I were given a room at Acorn House.

Run by the Sick Chil­dren’s Trust, it of­fers fam­i­lies a place to stay, while loved ones are in hospi­tal, mean­ing we could spend ev­ery mo­ment with our boy.

A god­send.

But Drew still wasn’t out of the woods.

His belly be­came so swollen that it looked as if it could pop. Our poor baby’s bowel had rup­tured this time. Af­ter more emer­gency re­pair surgery, doc­tors found small pock­ets of in­fec­tion. Sur­geons re­moved 30ml of pus, and re­in­stalled his stoma. Now a year old, Drew’s do­ing great and is nearly walk­ing. Though he’ll need to be mon­i­tored for life, Drew will be cured of colonic atre­sia once his stoma is re­moved. For now, Rob and

I are en­joy­ing be­ing par­ents to our strong, mir­a­cle boy.

My brave littl’un in hospi­tal

Drew is so much bet­ter

His tummy was huge

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