Grilled Trout With Toasted Al­monds

Serves 2 Prep time 20 min Cook time 10 min

Pick Me Up! - - QUICK & EASY RECIPE - Recipe from Ice­land, see ice­

2 de­frosted frozen trout fil­lets 2tbsp olive oil

Salt and pep­per, to taste

50g but­ter

20g of chopped sweet al­monds Juice of half a lemon

500g new pota­toes, cooked, drained and crushed

1 pre­heat the grill and place the trout fil­lets on a bak­ing tray, skin-side down. driz­zle over the olive oil and sea­son with salt and pep­per to taste.

2 place the tray un­der the grill and cook the fish for about 5 min.

3 re­move the tray from the oven and turn the trout fil­lets over. now gently peel off the skin and dis­card. 4 in a non­stick pan heat the but­ter and al­monds over a mod­er­ate heat. once the but­ter starts to foam slightly and the al­monds have turned brown, add the lemon juice.

5 to serve, plate up the crushed new pota­toes and lay a trout fil­let on top. fin­ish by trick­ling a good spoon­ful of the al­mond but­ter over each por­tion.

£1.60 per serv­ing

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