Oh, , Yes, , He did!

Sammy took cen­tre stage at the panto!

Pick Me Up! - - REAL LIFE -

Imet Paul, now 25, at a De­cem­ber wed­ding in 2015. We hit it off at once, chat­ted as if we’d known each other for years. ‘My favourite film is The Lion King!’

I laughed, after he’d asked. Then a rather tipsy Paul Pau got on one knee.

‘It’s my favourite, too, let’s be to­gether!’ he slurred. Silly beg­gar!

But I liked him, and we swapped num­bers. And, the next day, he texted me.

It wasn’t long be­fore

I’d fallen in love. Paul was funny and car­ing.

We talked from the start about mar­riage and want­ing kids. After six months, we moved in to­gether.

And, that De­cem­ber, Paul had a surprise.

‘We’re off to the pan­tomime!’ he grinned.

I was over the moon

– he knew me so well.

I’d been per­form­ing on stage since I was 8, in mu­si­cals, plays, pan­tos...

So, a year to the day since we met, we went to see

Dick Whit­ting­ton at King Ge­orge’s Hall, Black­burn.

Half­way through, Paul went off to the loo, but he was ages. Was he lost, or ill..?

Then a cast mem­ber came on stage and wished happy birth­day to kids at the show.

‘Any­one else got some­thing to say?’ he fin­ished.

And Paul ap­peared on the stage.

What the.?!

‘I’d like to in­vite my girl­friend Sammy up!’ he said. Shak­ing, I made my way up. Paul was shak­ing, too, and got down on one knee…

‘You’re my best friend… marry me?’ he asked.

Happy tears pour­ing down my face, I said yes and kissed him.

I for­got we had an au­di­ence – ev­ery­one cheered as we re­turned to our seats!

I could hardly con­cen­trate on the rest of the show!

We’re plan­ning the wed­ding for 2019.

Now I really can’t wait to say, ‘Oh, yes, I do!’

And we’ll live hap­pily ever after

Sammy Ed­wards, 22 Burn­ley

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