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‘As a mum of four, I’m glad to say I’ve never had any of them go miss­ing.

I can­not imag­ine the worry it brings to par­ents, who must be go­ing out of their minds. I’d urge any­one who is miss­ing to get in touch so their fam­i­lies know they’re safe.’ Gemma Davies, Glouces­ter ‘My son was

14 when he dis­ap­peared for two days after a row.

Luck­ily, he was safe at a friend’s house, but I was wor­ried sick. I wish any par­ents miss­ing chil­dren all the strength they need to get through each day, es­pe­cially over Christ­mas.’ Michelle Un­der­wood, Sur­rey

‘It is heart­break­ing to think there are so many peo­ple miss­ing in the UK. I’m a sup­porter of the char­ity Miss­ing Peo­ple,

I think the work they do is great. Aware­ness is key – the more peo­ple we can help find, the bet­ter.’ Samantha Jones, Dart­ford

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