Dark days! i had to go into hid­ing

All Ebony Fo­ley, 20, from Burn­ley, wanted was to be a stun­ning, bronzed beauty…

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Fill­ing the sink, I des­per­ately started try­ing to scrub it off I video-called a friend… See­ing my face, she looked ter­ri­fied!

Prep­ping for the week­end, I had a fun Satur­day night ahead.

Me and my mates had or­gan­ised a girlie night out in Manch­ester to cel­e­brate a friend’s 21st birth­day.

The out­fits had been bought, ex­cit­ing plans made.

All that was left to do was to make sure I was bronzed and beau­ti­ful.

Three days be­fore our night out, I ran to the shops in search of my favourite fake bake.

I al­ways make sure I’m glow­ing and tanned, but I wanted a top-up be­fore the week­end.

Only, I found my fave brand was out of stock!

‘I want to be nice and brown,’ I told the sales as­sis­tant.

‘Try this one in­stead. The colour comes out so well,’ she sug­gested, hand­ing me a can marked ‘darker than dark’ writ­ten across the top.

I no­ticed the shop as­sis­tant had a lovely tan.

‘Is that the one you’ve got on? Your skin looks amaz­ing!’ I gushed.

‘Yep, I love it,’ she smiled.

With­out hes­i­ta­tion, I bought a can and headed home.

Spread­ing the tan­ning mousse on my legs, I saw them turn a gor­geous colour.

So I cov­ered the rest of my body in the stuff, then my face. Af­ter, I looked in the mir­ror. Only, in sec­onds, my skin turned sev­eral shades darker.

‘What on earth have I done?’ I yelled, pan­ick­ing.

Fill­ing the sink, I des­per­ately started try­ing to scrub it off.

But it was too late.

Look­ing at my re­flec­tion, I burst out laugh­ing. Luck­ily, I have a sense of hu­mour and don’t take my­self too se­ri­ously – which is just as well, as

I looked ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous.

I had to laugh at my own stu­pid­ity!

Creep­ing out of the bath­room, I went to show my boyfriend Dean, 29.

‘Dean,’ I said. ‘You’ll never guess what….’

But be­fore I could ex­plain, he took one look at me and dou­bled over in hys­ter­ics.

‘Ebony, what are you like?’ he laughed, strug­gling to get the words out as tears streamed down his face.

‘You have to help me get it off!’ I begged, still laugh­ing.

When he fi­nally com­posed him­self, Dean helped me scrub

my face with a sponge. But the fake tan just wasn’t budg­ing.

‘This isn’t work­ing, babe,’ he said. ‘But it’s so funny, the mis­take was worth it!’

Dean’s son, 7, was stay­ing with us that night.

When he saw my face, he burst into tears.

‘I don’t like it!’ he cried. Bless! His re­ac­tion was price­less, and it made us laugh even more.

By now, Dean was howl­ing, col­lapsed on the sofa. So was I. I knew my mates wouldn’t let me live it down. I had to make fun of my­self be­fore they did.

I video-called a friend to show her. As soon as my face ap­peared, she looked ter­ri­fied!

Then I took a screen­shot, up­loaded it on Face­book.

Every­one had a laugh at my ex­pense.

I re­ally didn’t want to leave the house. But I had work the next day.

When I turned up at my of­fice job in the morn­ing, feel­ing sheep­ish, they’d all seen the pic­ture I’d posted on­line.

Every­one cracked up, in­clud­ing me!

I didn’t go to my mate’s 21st party, though, and spent weeks hid­ing at home un­til it faded.

I’m still ob­sessed with be­ing tanned, just more care­ful about which one I buy.

I sim­ply couldn’t face another fake-bake fail.

I like to stay golden

This time, I went too far!

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