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15-21 Fe­bru­ary 2018 7 days of hope & hap­pi­ness with Claire Petulengro

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aries 21 March–20 April

Look on ev­ery exit as be­ing an en­trance to some­where else. yes, a chap­ter of your life is end­ing but saturn and mars have joined forces to make sure it’s one that will be to your ad­van­tage. you’ll be turn­ing that frown up­side down (ie, smil­ing) be­fore you know it!

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can­cer 22 June–23 July

this is a re­ally good week to tie up le­gal or of­fi­cial details. you must agree they’ve been go­ing on long enough, Can­cer. Give those who need to help you a gen­tle nudge. Look out for an ex who’s try­ing to make an apol­ogy of sorts. the ques­tion is: can you for­give?

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libra 24 Sept–23 Oct

some­body im­por­tant to you may wit­ness you telling lies to dis­tance your­self from those you don’t want to spend so much time with. Could that be awk­ward? age dif­fer­ences in love beckon for some of your sign. make your opin­ions, don’t just take others.

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capricorn 22 Dec–20 Jan

trust in your­self. i can see just how much you’ve been doubt­ing your­self lately and wor­ry­ing about things that aren’t even in your con­trol. an older per­son wants to be more a part of your life and can ben­e­fit your future as much as you will be able to ben­e­fit theirs.

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taurus 21 April–21 May

if your mind can con­ceive it, then your heart can start to be­lieve in it. this is a feel­ing that you’ll be­gin to em­brace more and more as the days go by. a worry about a fam­ily mem­ber is given a help­ing hand by some­body you didn’t even re­alise was ‘on side’!

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leo 24 July–23 Aug

you may have to give tough love to a close one who’s in­tent on say­ing and do­ing things that are re­ally likely to up­set you. maybe try dis­tanc­ing your­self from them if they don’t lis­ten to your needs. it’s your life and they’ve been in­flict­ing un­nec­es­sary stress!

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scorpio 24 Oct–22 Nov

there’s a lot of fric­tion in the work­place but talk­ing through what‘s been go­ing on can help you to make things eas­ier and in­deed to find a so­lu­tion. your love life gets more in­ter­est­ing by the day. By the end of this week you’ll know what you have to do and why…

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aquarius 21 Jan–19 Feb

your fam­ily is prov­ing to be the source of much stress and mars will be push­ing you to ask for an­swers that close ones may not yet be able to give you. do try and sup­port your close ones to find an­swers and they’ll do the same for you when you need guid­ance.

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gemini 22 May–21 June

un­ex­pected vis­i­tors and good news via email, let­ter or text will make this week a very con­struc­tive one. don’t be afraid to travel far and wide to make your ca­reer a better place to be. those you need to im­press will be, if you show just how ded­i­cated you re­ally are…

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virgo 24 Aug–23 Sept

there is a sense of nerves to your chart, but ac­tu­ally in a re­ally good way. you be­gin to re­alise that you have just been ex­ist­ing and that now you are liv­ing. you make de­ci­sions that in­volve ma­jor changes later this year. i’m ex­cited for you. this path is your des­tiny.

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sagittarius 23 Nov–21 Dec

the home comes un­der the spot­light and you’re faced with mak­ing de­ci­sions you thought you wouldn’t have to make for months, if not years, to come. this change is good but only if you ride it out and put your own needs and feel­ings to the fore and not those of other peo­ple.

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pisces 20 Feb–20 March

hap­pi­ness isn’t some­thing that comes ready made. it comes from the ac­tions we make and the thoughts we have. start off this week with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. so if you think you can, you will – and if you think you can’t, you won’t. you now know what you have to do!

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