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‘If a man is a child­min­der and has the same qual­i­fi­ca­tions as a woman, why should it mat­ter? As long as my child is cared for, then

I’m happy!’ Claire Tay­lor, Har­le­scott, Shrews­bury ‘Un­less it’s fam­ily or close male friends then, no, I wouldn’t trust a “manny” to look after my daugh­ters.’ Sharon Sut­ton, Bow­burn, Durham ‘I wouldn’t em­ploy a man to babysit my chil­dren. Most women have a nat­u­ral in­stinct when it comes to ba­bies and small chil­dren. They have softer voices in gen­eral, and prob­a­bly more ex­pe­ri­ence than a man.’ Lorna Dut­ton, Weymouth, Dorset ‘I think it says more about the par­ents than it does any­thing else. To as­sume a male will abuse your daugh­ter means you’ve al­ready made sweep­ing gen­er­al­i­sa­tions about an en­tire sex.’ Louise War­ren, Swadlin­cote, Der­byshire

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