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Shin­gles 1 The main symp­tom is a painful rash. True False 2 It doesn’t re­quire med­i­cal at­ten­tion. True False 3 It’s caused by the chick­en­pox virus. True False 4 Shin­gles has no cure. True False

1 True Shin­gles is an in­fec­tion of a nerve and its sur­round­ing skin. The main char­ac­ter­is­tic is a painful rash that de­vel­ops into itchy blis­ters. 2 FALSE Shin­gles isn’t usu­ally se­ri­ous, but you should see your GP when you recog­nise symp­toms, as early treat­ment can re­duce sever­ity. 3 True Af­ter chick­en­pox is gone, the virus re­mains dor­mant. Shin­gles oc­curs when it is re­ac­ti­vated, though it’s not clear why this hap­pens. 4True There’s no cure, but treat­ment can re­lieve symp­toms un­til the con­di­tion re­solves. These in­clude painkillers and an­tivi­ral med­i­ca­tion.

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