Air-brained Quiz

Pilot - - CONTENTS - By James Al­lan

Can you get the last ques­tion right and win an Air­box Run­wayhd app?

1 Where on a light aero­plane are you likely to find ‘washout’?

a in the main­planes b in the cock­pit canopy, when re­flected

sun­light ob­structs the pi­lot’s vi­sion c in­side the fuel tank(s) d on the hull or floats of sea­planes and fly­ing


2 If a pi­lot has to land at night on an air­field which has bright ap­proach and run­way light­ing and few other lights any­where near it, what ef­fect is this li­able to have on his or her ap­proach?

a s/he may de­scend too early and end up

with a dan­ger­ously low fi­nal ap­proach b s/he senses falsely that s/he is lower than the ac­tual height and this can re­sult in a very steep fi­nal ap­proach de­scent c the bright air­field light­ing and lack of nearby vis­ual dis­trac­tion as­sist the pi­lot to main­tain an ac­cu­rate 3° glide slope

3 If you are pilot­ing as the holder of a PPL (EASA, Na­tional or NPPL) which is be­ing used with the Self-dec­la­ra­tion Med­i­cal that came into force this year, where can you ex­er­cise the priv­i­leges of the li­cence?

a only within the airspace of Great Britain b any­where within EASA airspace for an EASA li­cence but only in United King­dom airspace for the Na­tional or NPPL c only within United King­dom airspace,

re­gard­less of the type of li­cence d only within airspace any­where above the

Bri­tish Isles

4 If a pi­lot wishes to re­ply ‘Yes’ in RTF ter­mi­nol­ogy to a ques­tion from ATC, which of the fol­low­ing words would be the cor­rect one to use?

a af­firm b roger c wilco d yes

5 Un­der which cir­cum­stances is it per­mis­si­ble to take off when the air­craft is over its max­i­mum gross weight?

a if the pi­lot is fa­mil­iar with the air­craft and the ex­cess weight is no more than 5% above MTOW b if the ex­cess weight will be burned off in

fuel be­fore the air­craft is due to land c if tur­bu­lent air and/or high en­ergy ma­noeu­vres can be avoided un­til the ex­cess is burned off d un­der no cir­cum­stances at all

6 In a METAR, what does ‘SCT’ mean?

a sky clear b 5 to 7 ok­tas of cloud c iso­lated thun­der­storms d 3 to 4 ok­tas of cloud

7 Your al­ti­tude is de­fined as be­ing the dis­tance ver­ti­cally be­tween your air­craft and which of the fol­low­ing?

a QNH pres­sure level b ground level c aero­drome level d mean sea level

8 Which air­craft pis­ton en­gine ac­ces­sories are shown here?

a gen­er­a­tors b oil pumps c mag­ne­tos d al­ter­na­tors

9 Which of the fol­low­ing would be the cross­wind com­po­nent given by a wind of 290/28kt for a land­ing on Run­way 26?

a 7kt b 10kt c 14kt d 1kt

10 If you are taxy­ing an air­craft on an aero­drome you have to yield right of way to which of the fol­low­ing types of ve­hic­u­lar traf­fic?

a aero­drome fire en­gine or crash ve­hi­cle b po­lice ve­hi­cle dis­play­ing a flash­ing blue light c ‘Fol­low Me’ ve­hi­cle d any ground ve­hi­cle that is tow­ing an air­craft e none; air­craft have pri­or­ity over all ve­hic­u­lar traf­fic

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