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Pilot - - FLIGHT TEST - Ian Broth­well, Arnold, Not­ting­ham

I’ve man­aged to work my way through all the ar­ti­cles in Fe­bru­ary’s is­sue and it took me only a cou­ple of evenings.

Air­mail: I read the let­ter from Dave Etheridge and felt that it de­served to be Star Let­ter. I was de­lighted to read that he may well be able to achieve his dream (at last) al­beit with a bit of a pro­longed wait. He demon­strates such a strong ‘go do it’ at­ti­tude that it bright­ened my day and I ex­pect that it will be of great help to him in his train­ing and in his ground school stud­ies.

Pi­lot Des­ti­na­tions (with De­cem­ber’s is­sue): I liked this mag­a­zine and es­pe­cially its ar­ti­cle on Malta. I don’t fly but I do walk and both Malta and Gozo of­fer ex­cel­lent walk­ing (and a lot of GA ac­tiv­ity). I recog­nised the photo on page 55 as the only cor­ner of Gozo over which I have not yet walked. By the time that the next Pi­lot is pub­lished I may have cor­rected that omis­sion.

Is Flyer a ri­val pub­li­ca­tion (book re­view page 55)? I read both Pi­lot and Flyer (since I first found my way to my lo­cal air­field). Twenty years ago I bought both mag­a­zines from Smiths; now I get both by sub­scrip­tion. In my view, Pi­lot and Flyer com­ple­ment each other. The only over­laps I no­tice are usu­ally in the ac­ci­dent and in­ci­dent col­umns. I’ve no in­ten­tion of drop­ping one mag­a­zine in favour of the other. I like them both and I am grate­ful that I have two GA mag­a­zines to choose from.

Which do I read first? Ah, they ar­rive on dif­fer­ent days. I aim to read each mag­a­zine as soon as it ar­rives and so there’s usu­ally no need to choose which to read first. On the rare oc­ca­sion when both have been wait­ing for my at­ten­tion, I usu­ally bounce from one to the other to read which­ever ar­ti­cle most in­ter­ests me.

8.33khz tran­ceivers (page 53): The Icom IC-A220T costs £1,795. Hmmm. One of my other hob­bies is am­a­teur ra­dio. I can’t think of any am­a­teur ra­dio VHF trans­ceiver, in­clud­ing ones made by Icom, that costs more than £1,000. I know that cer­ti­fi­ca­tion for avi­a­tion use will in­crease the sell­ing price but it seems that avi­a­tion trans­ceivers are sub­stan­tially more than dou­ble the price we’d pay for am­a­teur ra­dio trans­ceivers. I’d love to say that the specs for avi­a­tion use are sig­nif­i­cantly tighter than for am­a­teur ra­dio use but I’m not sure this is ac­tu­ally the case.

My in­ter­est is HF rather than VHF and so I am not very fa­mil­iar with VHF am­a­teur ra­dios. A hasty pe­rusal of ad­verts in Prac­ti­cal Wire­less show that a 50W VHF (144-146mhz) and UHF (430-440mhz) FM trans­ceiver for use in a car would cost less than £300 (Icom 2730E, Yaesu FT7900E). If you want to pur­sue this then you could con­tact Icom or Yaesu or th­ese two re­tail­ers: Martin Lynch & Sons — 0345 2300 599 or 01932 567 333 (based at Staines) and Wa­ters & Stan­ton — 01702 204 965 (Peters Wa­ters is a PPL holder I be­lieve).

Righto, I’ve read Fe­bru­ary’s is­sue so there will now be a bit of a wait un­til the March is­sue ar­rives. I guess I’ll turn to Prac­ti­cal Wire­less. Kind­est re­gards to you and all the team at Pi­lot.

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