AW189S hav­ing a high time in the North Sea

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In Jan­uary the two Agustawest­land AW189S op­er­ated by North Sea off­shore op­er­a­tor Bel Air of Den­mark passed a joint to­tal of 6,000 flight hours, be­com­ing fleet lead­ers for the type. Bel Air re­cently im­proved the level of their AW189S’ ca­pa­bil­i­ties by in­stalling the Lim­ited Ic­ing Pro­tec­tion Sys­tem (LIPS), which en­ables flight within a de­fined en­ve­lope of ic­ing con­di­tions, pro­vided that the ca­pa­bil­ity to de­scend into a known band of pos­i­tive tem­per­a­ture is main­tained through­out the in­tended route, thus en­abling op­er­a­tions to con­tinue in se­vere weather con­di­tions that ground other types. A Full Ice Pro­tec­tion Sys­tem (FIPS) is also avail­able. Leonardo now holds or­ders and op­tions for more than 150 AW189S, and has de­liv­ered thirty to cus­tomers world­wide for off­shore trans­port, SAR and trans­port du­ties. Mean­while, the AW169 light in­ter­me­di­ate twin has re­ceived US FAA cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, paving the way for first cus­tomer de­liv­er­ies this year. More than 150 have been ordered or op­tioned by cus­tomers world­wide, and by the start of the year twenty were in the hands of op­er­a­tors in ex­ec­u­tive/pri­vate trans­port, air am­bu­lance, off­shore and util­ity trans­port roles. Leonardo has also re­ceived an or­der from the Pak­istan Min­istry of De­fence for an undis­closed num­ber of AW139S for util­ity and trans­port. De­liv­er­ies will be­gin mid-year.

One of the pair of Bel Air AW189S that have racked up over 6,000 flight hours be­tween them

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