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Twelve teams have en­tered, from Romania, Lithua­nia, South Africa (two), Great Bri­tain (three), France, Spain, Italy, Rus­sia, and Aus­tralia (sadly, no US team was avail­able), all com­pet­ing in pis­ton-en­gined air­craft. Teams will be judged on nor­mal aer­o­batic com­pe­ti­tion ARESTI lines for two se­quences, ‘Clas­sic’ and ‘Sig­na­ture’.

The Clas­sic se­quence is al­lo­cated the max­i­mum K fac­tor (K=dif­fi­culty), teams fly­ing pre-de­scribed fig­ures with any link­ing fig­ure of choice. The ex­pected se­quence en­durance is 4 ½ – 5 min­utes, and a max­i­mum of 8.

‘Sig­na­ture’ en­ables each team to fly its best air dis­play rou­tine in an eleven to twelve-minute slot.

Teams can be made up of any num­ber from two to six air­craft. In recog­ni­tion of the in­creas­ing dif­fi­culty, those teams with three or more par­tic­i­pants will ben­e­fit from a K-fac­tor: Three air­craft — plus 8% Four air­craft — plus 14% Five air­craft — plus 18% Six air­craft — plus 20%.

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