The French-reg­is­tered Beech Bo­nanza was land­ing at Jersey af­ter a flight from Brest. Jersey Ap­proach Con­trol asked its pi­lot to fol­low a Cherokee that was be­ing radar vec­tored to­wards Rwy 26. Re­al­is­ing he was clos­ing on the Cherokee, the Bo­nanza’s pi­lot con­tem­plated ex­tend­ing the land­ing gear, but de­cided to de­lay this as his speed was above the gear’s 140kt lim­it­ing speed. On fi­nal ap­proach he re­alised that both air­craft were very close and main­tained some height to avoid the Cherokee’s prop wash, fo­cussing in­tently on the air­craft ahead and lis­ten­ing to the Tower con­troller in case he was di­rected to go around. He was aware of the stall warner sound­ing, then the Cherokee fi­nally cleared the run­way and he re­ceived clear­ance to land, but had not low­ered the Bo­nanza’s land­ing gear and it touched down gear-up.

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