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Sha­keel Sid­diqui is well known in Ire­land for build­ing and fly­ing large ra­dio-con­trolled mod­els, and has gone slightly big­ger with Iota G-CLCD. This high-wing mono­plane is de­signed to be the first three-axis air­craft to meet the new CAA sub-70kg sin­gle seat dereg­u­lated cri­te­ria. Known as nano­lights, or self-pro­pelled hang-glid­ers with wheels, they can be flown with­out a li­cence, al­though the com­pul­sory third­party in­sur­ance cover will prob­a­bly re­quire some for­mal train­ing. Stall speed must be 20kt or less, chal­leng­ing to cal­i­brate. Cer­tainly qual­i­fy­ing is G-CKZG, the first UK ex­am­ple of the Is­raeli Apco Cruiser pow­ered para­chute.

Hughes 269C G-RIFB has been sold to Aus­tralia

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