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I have to say last month’s Star Let­ter ‘Ode to a spam­can’ was the best let­ter I have read in Pi­lot for many a year.

As the owner of a 1973 PA-28, (you know, those use­less strong me­tal aero­planes which ev­ery­one learned on, made by pro­fes­sion­als in a fac­tory − the ones where you jump in, press the but­ton, put the heater on and fly round the world with­out a hitch) I am al­ways puz­zled why I am treated with con­tempt by those who fly ‘real’ aero­planes (you know, the ones made of sticks and cloth that have to be hand started, spend most of their life in bits, and can’t fly if it’s windy.)

This ‘us and them’ snob­bery seems to ex­ist only in the fly­ing fra­ter­nity. Peo­ple who own a 1960s Tri­umph Bon­neville don’t look at a brand new Honda Fireblade and think ‘That’s rub­bish − it starts on the but­ton, doesn’t leak oil, does 180mph and stops on a six­pence’.

Peo­ple who own an Austin Healey Frog-eyed Sprite don’t look at a Mazda MX5 and say it’s not a ‘proper’ car be­cause it goes round cor­ners, never breaks down and ac­tu­ally has brakes do they?

Do th­ese ‘real’ own­ers have a cath­ode ray tube TV and a man­gle?

I’ve had clas­sic cars and have a clas­sic bike but not as my sole means of trans­port, so as I can only af­ford one aero­plane I’ve got one that’s us­able, com­fort­able and (usu­ally) trou­ble free.

Aero­planes are aero­planes, we’re all in it to­gether − so stop be­ing so bloody pompous. Brian New­bold, Don­caster

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