Sky­bolt spun in


The Ppl-rated pi­lot, who had logged one hour on the Steen Sky­bolt and was mak­ing his third flight in the air­craft that day, was cruis­ing at about 1,500ft over a wind farm when the en­gine shud­dered and the pro­pel­ler stopped. He was very fa­mil­iar with the area and knew which fields were most suit­able for a forced land­ing, and chose one he had just passed on his right. Dur­ing the turn he kept the bank an­gle to about 15°, and noted that his air­speed of about 100mph was well in ex­cess of the straight and level stall speed of 56mph. How­ever, at about 400ft over a wooded area the air­craft stalled, dropped its right wing and spun nose-down through about 270° into trees near the edge of a wooded area. Both of the air­craft’s g-me­ters recorded a peak de­cel­er­a­tion of 10g. The air­craft was sub­stan­tially dam­aged, but pi­lot, who was wear­ing a full har­ness and hel­met, was un­in­jured.

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