What’s in a name ? WHERE do the NAMES nessa And DEMELZA COME from?

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We love the names of the heroes in Knights And Bikes, but won­dered where they came from. In­ter­est­ingly, nei­ther of them is from where many have spec­u­lated. “I think one thing we should say is that [Nessa’s] got noth­ing to do with Ness from Earth­bound, and Moo was re­ally hor­ri­fied be­cause we just hadn’t made the con­nec­tion at all and some­one made it on the Kick­starter or some­thing,” Crawle tells us. “But then Demelza is named af­ter a lit­tle vil­lage very close to where I grew up. It’s this tiny lit­tle place. There were only 26 peo­ple in my en­tire school and I think three of them were called Demelza. It was a re­ally pop­u­lar name where I grew up. There’s prob­a­bly not that many schools that have that pro­por­tion of Demelzas, but there were a lot of them that year. But again, since we’ve been work­ing on this, Poldark was re­launched and has a strong Demelza char­ac­ter as well, and some peo­ple have asked, ‘Oh, did that come from Poldark?’ and I have been sim­i­larly pissed off, as if I had just nicked it off BBC One on a Satur­day night. But es­sen­tially ev­ery­one in the game has a Cor­nish place name as a name. So, there are a whole bunch of other peo­ple who are named af­ter places near where I used to hang out.”

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