Risen 3: Ti­tan Lords

Plat­form: PS3 Dif­fi­culty: 2/5 tro­phies: 51 1 3 5 42

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■ While We Do quite en­joy a bit of Risen ac­tion from time-to-time it presents some­thing of a prob­lem for you Tro­phy hunters out there. You see, when it comes to Risen 3: Ti­tan Lords you’ll find that the grind is real. You’ll need to make tac­ti­cal saves ahead of join­ing a Fac­tion, there are Tro­phies tied to each of them; you’ll also need to watch the moral­ity sys­tem closely, as there is another Tro­phy wait­ing for those that fin­ish the game with a soul level lower than ten. Con­versely, you’ll also need to grind out 2,000 kills if you want any shot at the Plat­inum which, we can as­sure you from ex­pe­ri­ence, takes one hell of a long time. Risen 3 is a fun and deep RPG, but it’s also a bit of a pain for those look­ing for quick Tro­phies.

“It Is a pain for those look­ing for quick and easytro­phies”

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