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How does a qual­ity brief­case dif­fer from a cheaper ver­sion? “Leather can be tanned in two ways. Veg­etable tan­ning refers to a method that only uses nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als such as oil, grease and bark. Chromium tan­ning uses chem­i­cals to dye the leather. We rec­om­mend veg­etable tan­ning as this is the best treat­ment for the leather and will help it age beau­ti­fully and

last decades.” How do you best care for

your brief­case? “High qual­ity leather doesn't re­quire much look­ing af­ter. It will age beau­ti­fully and de­velop a unique feel thanks to the veg­etable tan­ning. How­ever, ap­ply­ing a nat­u­ral dress­ing de­signed for leather once or twice a year will help in­crease the life­span of the leather. Bear in mind that ex­ces­sive care and too much oil can dam­age the nat­u­ral leather fi­bres. It's

also a good idea to avoid harsh sun­light as that may de­hy­drate the leather, so don't place your brief­case

next to a win­dow.” How do you res­cue a brief­case

that's got wet in the rain? “Wipe it with a cloth and leave it to dry off. Never at­tempt dry­ing it by ap­ply­ing warmth to it. In the event of it go­ing a bit stiff and dry, gen­tly rub some oil into the leather. Nine times out of ten it's best to

just leave them though.”

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