There is a strong fas­cist move­ment

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in this coun­try. That’s what our po­lit­i­cal di­vide is. It’s be­tween those who fa­vor cru­elty and greed and those of us who still be­lieve in an open so­ci­ety based on con­tin­u­ally im­prov­ing lives.

look­ing out the win­dow hop­ing some cow­boy or cow­girl from the Post-Tri­bune shows up to ex­pose me for my po­lit­i­cal views, or my love for Pres­i­dent Trump. Maybe they just don’t want to make a In­de­pen­dent free thinker mad so close to the midterms, where they know an­other Red Wave is fast ap­proach­ing. The Democrats have lost 1,200 (state and fed­eral) seats since the for­mer Pres­i­dent held of­fice for eight years. Any of you snowflakes want to talk about some­thing be­side pres­i­dent Trump? He only con­sumes 24/7 news coverage seven days a week; that’s your fault, not his, name call­ers!

and will al­ways be, about Trump. He doesn’t be­long to the Repub­li­can Party; they be­long to him — they have sold their souls to him. He does as he wishes, and they al­low it. And it is all down­hill.

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