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The bottom of the forestay is ter­mi­nated after the foils have been as­sem­bled us­ing a swage­less Sta-Lok fit­ting, which threads into a bot­tle­screw which passes right though the drum. Swage­less fit­tings are im­mensely strong, but you need to as­sem­ble them cor­rectly. 1. Here are the parts: a threaded stud, cone and cap. The cone fits in­side another cone in­side the cup at the top of the stud. 2. The first step is to slide the cap up the wire. Fail­ure to do this will re­sult in much swear­ing later on. 3. Wrap some tape around the wire to stop it un­rav­el­ling too far, then un­twist the outer layer of strand to re­veal the centre core. 4. Slide the cone up the centre core, leav­ing 2-3mm pro­trud­ing from the bottom. 5. Care­fully wrap the outer strands over the cone, mak­ing sure none slip into the slot in the cone. 6. Slide the cap down over the wire, and gen­tly tighten it into the fit­ting. If you now re­move it, the strands should have evenly bent over the cone. If any have dropped into the slot, correct it now. 7. Fi­nally, tighten the fit­ting firmly with two span­ners. 8. With the joint made, you can thread the stud into the bot­tle­screw. I taped the threads to al­low around 60mm of ad­just­ment: 30mm on the up­per thread and 30mm on the bottom.

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