12W USB phone charger

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PRICE: £45 For an in­creas­ing num­ber of us to­day, our mo­bile phone, tablet or lap­top is our life­line, en­abling us to con­tact the rest of the world or keep in touch with vi­tal ser­vices on the in­ter­net. How­ever, these are in­creas­ingly power-hun­gry de­vices, and when the bat­tery in­di­ca­tor starts flash­ing red our world col­lapses. This neat fold­ing panel, with back­con­tact cells, will al­low you to recharge any de­vice that uses a 5V USB con­nec­tor, and it has two out­lets. We did not have time to run it through a com­plete cy­cle, but the mak­ers claim it will fully recharge a phone in 1-2 hours, de­pend­ing on the sun­shine. How­ever, make sure you do not leave the phone out in di­rect sun­light, as they do not like get­ting hot.

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