RSP600/240 panels

Practical Boat Owner - - Solar Panels -

pRice: £60/£30 These are from Ring Au­to­mo­tive and are termed bat­tery main­tain­ers, which cor­rectly de­scribes their pur­pose. They will not produce enough power to run any equip­ment on board, but they will off­set self-dis­charge if the boat is left for long pe­ri­ods. They are sim­ple to con­nect, us­ing ei­ther crocodile clips or an adapter into a cigarette lighter socket, and their low out­put means that a con­troller is not re­quired. The larger unit gives a max­i­mum 0.4A, with the smaller model pro­duc­ing a max­i­mum 0.15A.

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