Aquatic AV Blue­tooth & USB Waterproof Ma­rine Stereo AQ-MP5UBT


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www.aquat­i­ This unit has an iden­ti­cal body and di­men­sions to the sim­pler Aquatic AV de­vice, but is more fully-fea­tured. The screen, in­stead of a sim­ple LCD, is full-colour, and as such menus and con­trols seem eas­ier and more in­tu­itive.

The in­ter­nal drawer will just about fit an iPhone 6, and will charge and play back via USB – which means you can leave your de­vice in­side and con­trol the mu­sic se­lec­tion with it safely charg­ing within. The sound, as above, was some­what brash, with the mid-range es­pe­cially thin­sound­ing, of par­tic­u­lar con­cern with clas­si­cal mu­sic. That said, maybe there aren’t many power­boaters (the in­tended mar­ket for many of th­ese) that will lis­ten to clas­si­cal while blast­ing along in a RIB.

This is a full-fea­tured piece of kit that, as long as you have suf­fi­cient room to mount it, would give you some de­cent au­dio.

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