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PoL­ruan PooL

Blue swing­ing moor­ings avail­able for ves­sels up to 15m. Ves­sels over this will be di­rected to yel­low moor­ings marked V2 to V5. Orange SBM moor­ings are for smaller day­boats. PoL­ruan Pon­Toon Shore-linked pon­toon, short stay only (two hours) for ves­sels on out­side, some tidal re­stric­tions ap­ply. PonT PiLL

Unat­tended ves­sels will be asked to use the blue fore and aft moor­ings where pos­si­ble. Pon­toons 1 and 2 suit­able for all ves­sels. un­der­hiLLs

Pon­toons 3, 4 and 5 are suit­able for all types of ves­sels. Ber­riLL’s Yard Shore-linked pon­toon is short stay only be­tween 0800 and 1800 (two hours) for ves­sels on out­side. Overnight stay charge­able. aL­BerT QuaY

Shore-linked pon­toon short stay only two hours) for ves­sels on out­side. Grid irons

Visi­tor berths on out­side (west) only. Pen­Mar­LaM (MixTow) Shore-linked pon­toon, vis­i­tors south side only. Show­ers, toi­lets and café. wise­Man’s reach

Three blue swing moor­ings avail­able. GoLanT, Ler­rYn and LosT­wiTh­ieL

Some dry­ing berths or an­chor­ages are avail­able but please check first with the har­bour of­fice.

C Toms & Son Boat­yard in Pol­ruan

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