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After analysing the event, I won­dered what I could have done dif­fer­ently. In the first in­stance, I had as­sumed that hav­ing used the rope three times al­ready for a hand­hold that it would be okay again, but we all know what as­sum­ing leads to – and next time, I’ll check be­fore use.

Also, I guess that low­er­ing the bag of pro­vi­sions down to the pon­toon with a rope would have left both hands free for my own de­scent, and I might have been able to grab the lad­der had I not been hin­dered by the weight of the bag. Apart from that, I’ll just keep quiet about mak­ing such a silly mis­take that for­tu­nately didn’t cause more than a bruised ego and body!

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