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Wet­ting out strips of glass­fi­bre mat on a ta­ble – an old kitchen work­top lam­i­nate is ideal for the pur­pose – be­fore bond­ing them to the hull saves time and makes more con­sis­tent, lighter. stronger and less brit­tle lam­i­nates

10 ... and placed into po­si­tion on the new sec­tion. The whole lot is then rolled to exclude air for a per­fect bond.

1 Pour a mea­sured amount of resin into the mix­ing pot – the pump-type dis­pensers might need a good thump.

2 Then add the cor­rect, me­tered amount of hard­ener to the mix.

6 An­other sheet of mat of a slightly larger size is then laid onto the first sheet and stip­pled full of resin.

8 The area to be cov­ered (in this case a tran­som stiff­ener for the out­drive leg) is then coated with resin.

7 A third sheet is ap­plied be­fore all three are rolled to en­sure they are thor­oughly wet­ted-out.

5 A sheet of mat that has pre­vi­ously been cut to size is laid into the resin and fur­ther resin added and stip­pled in.

The three-layer mat is care­fully lifted off the ta­ble...

3 Stir thor­oughly to en­sure a proper mix is achieved.

4 Resin is first ap­plied to the wet­ting-out ta­ble.

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