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The County Durham firm’s first new sea­son since be­ing ac­quired by Ger­many’s Er­win Hymer Group fo­cused on mo­torhomes, with the re­launch of Com­pass and a move into van con­ver­sions. But there was still room for de­vel­op­ments in EHG UK car­a­vans. The most ac­tion has taken place within the flag­ship Buc­ca­neer range, with one new model and two re­de­vel­oped ones. For the 2019 sea­son this con­tin­ues as a five-model range, but the six-berth Galera has been dropped in favour of the Aruba. This has a sim­i­lar lay­out to its pre­de­ces­sor, ex­cept that the bunks and chil­dren’s dinette at the back have been re­placed by a fixed rear cor­ner bed. The Bar­racuda, mean­while, in­tro­duced last year as a spe­cial model with an L-shaped lounge and 32-inch TV, has been slightly re­mod­elled. The nar­row open coat-hang­ing space to the right of the door as you came in has been re­placed by a larger cup­board and stor­age unit with con­ven­tional doors. The penin­sula-style kitchen has been short­ened to make more of a gang­way into the lounge. In its place, the de­sign­ers have in­cluded a two-level work­top that acts as a di­vider be­tween kitchen and lounge. But the L-shaped seat­ing and TV re­main.

Kitchen up­grades

For 2019 all Buc­ca­neer mod­els now come with the new Thet­ford K1520 oven with a sep­a­rate grill – and with cast iron pan stands on the hob that you are more likely to see at home. Two wide pull­out bas­kets are also in­cluded in the kitchen stor­age. All Er­win Hymer UK mod­els now come with ‘Twine’ vinyl floor­ing. There’s a pair of USB sock­ets in the in­te­rior, LED spot­lights in the front lounge, a newly de­signed cut­lery tray in the kitchen, and new han­dles on all draw­ers and lock­ers. Fur­ni­ture is in dark ‘Cassino Ash’, with co­or­di­nat­ing ‘Tavira’ up­hol­stery, which, like Er­win Hymer UK mod­els this year, is in Aqua­clean fab­ric de­signed to be cleaned by wip­ing. All mod­els are now priced at £33,399, ex­cept for the Bar­racuda, which costs £33,699. That’s an across­the-board rise of £700. The only other re­de­vel­oped lay­out this year comes in the Eld­dis Avanté, Com­pass Ca­sita and en­try-level Xplore ranges. The six-berth 586, with fixed bunks and a sec­ond dinette that makes into an­other pair of bunks, has had its rear wash­room changed. In­stead of sit­ting squarely on the cor­ner, it now fits as a rec­tan­gle down the side. This is to make way for a larger wardrobe at the cen­tre of the rear panel. All Avan­tés and Ca­sitas this sea­son also come with the new Thet­ford oven (but with a con­ven­tional car­a­van hob) and a new cut­lery tray, as well as new LED spot­lights, more hooks and an Eco­camel show­er­head in the bath­room, and new locker door han­dles. Both ranges stretch from £18,149 to £23,299, a rise of be­tween £600 and £740.

New lights

Xplores also come with new LED lights, locker door han­dles, wash­room hooks and cut­lery tray, and a strik­ing grey and yel­low up­hol­stery scheme known as ‘Shored­itch in Citron’. Prices

range from £13,699 to £16,999, up be­tween £450 and £500. The Eld­dis Affin­ity and Com­pass Capiro ranges ben­e­fit from the same new fea­tures as the Avan­tés and Ca­sitas, with the ad­di­tion of an Alde load mon­i­tor.

Power mon­i­tor

This de­vice con­trols the level of power flow­ing through your car­a­van to pre­vent a blowout if some­one sud­denly turned on a de­vice that tripped the fuse on your hook-up. The fur­ni­ture and up­hol­stery com­bi­na­tion is the same Cassino Ash and Tavira as that found in the Buc­ca­neer. Prices for these ranges have risen by at least £500, from £20,899 to £22,499. The up­mar­ket Eld­dis Cru­saders come with a new rear panel for the 2019 sea­son. Both the Cru­saders and the equiv­a­lent Com­pass Camino range also fea­ture a new clothes drier, do­mes­tic-style heated towel rail and ex­tra hooks in the wash­room, plus the new Thet­ford oven, LED spot­lights, cut­lery tray and door han­dles. Prices range from £24,999 to £28,199, up be­tween £700 and £800 on last sea­son.

Buc­ca­neer fur­ni­ture re­mains dark, this sea­son com­ing in ‘Cassino Ash’ fin­ish The Aruba has a fam­ily-friendly lay­out with a sec­ond dinette that chil­dren can sit around All Buc­ca­neers now come with cast iron pan stands on the hob, as well as the new Thet­ford oven

The Aruba re­places the Galera in the Buc­ca­neer line-up

De­sign of the wheel spats on all Caminos has been im­proved for this year The Camino range keeps its dis­tinci­tive blue/green side pan­els for 2019 The Avanté 586 has now been re­mod­elled to al­low for a larger wardrobe

There’s a per­ma­nent lad­der for rear bunks in the 586 The bunks are more open than with other brands

Camino kitchens now have the new Thet­ford oven

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