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My dad had an F-reg Sap­phire and briefly had a Cav­a­lier as a com­pany car but didn’t like the gear­box. I helped him to re­place the Sap­phire’s CVH when I was about 11. It rusted away and was re­placed with a K-reg Sap­phire. Fine cars!

Daniel Clarke

I loved my old MG Mon­tego, It only ever let me down once, blow­ing the ra­di­a­tor in Bris­tol at 3am. A friend had a Sierra, and it al­ways sur­prised me how small its glass area was com­pared to the Mon­tego – it was al­most like look­ing out of a tank slot.

Rob Cop­son

My dad had a Pas­sat 1.8 GT with the Golf GTI en­gine, full fac­tory bodykit, spoiler and al­loys. It went like a scalded cat! Peo­ple may not know that that shape of Pas­sat had pas­sive rear-wheel steer­ing.

Steve Matthews

Look­ing at them now, I can’t be­lieve the Sierra Sap­phire was so pop­u­lar, it’s not much of a looker and is pretty dated un­der the sur­face com­pared with the oth­ers here. No won­der the Cav­a­lier and Peu­geot be­came the reps’ choices.

Martin Tune

The Sierra Sap­phire was tail-happy in the wet, the Cav­a­lier had a qual­ity in­te­rior but was a dull drive. The Pas­sat GT was un­der­rated – you could feel the rear axle steer­ing at 70mph on mo­tor­way sliproads. The Mon­tego was roomy but dull.

Gary Smith

I had a BX 16TRS. It was my first ‘mod­ern’ car after a cou­ple of 2CVS. It was com­fort­able and re­li­able but I never re­ally bonded with it – un­like the 2CVS and AXGT I re­placed it with.

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