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What at­tracted you to the hobby? Fish give me a cer­tain com­fort. It is a dream-world. How would you de­scribe your tanks? Eight are pure biotope tanks. I re­ally like the com­bi­na­tion of in­ves­ti­ga­tion and try­ing to make things look at­trac­tive. Re­search­ing for the cor­rect biotope set-up is part of the chal­lenge for me. What’s your favourite fish? In my opin­ion all fishes are fan­tas­tic if kept in a biotope tank. Only then are their real beauty and be­hav­iour high­lighted. What’s the eas­i­est fish you’ve kept? Fire­mouths, Tho­ryichthys meeki. I put them in the tank, they started re­pro­duc­ing the next day and have never stopped since! Do you have a favourite plant? Nym­phaea sp. They pro­vide shade in the tank and the stems give food to the fish. I’d like to try

Nym­phaea am­pla. It is the dom­i­nant plant in the cenote of Dz­i­bilchal­tun in Mex­ico, but is not in the trade. I was very close to get­ting it, but some­thing went wrong at the last mo­ment. Right now, I have no idea how I can ob­tain this plant.

Re­search­ing the nat­u­ral biotope of the fish he’s set­ting up for is part of the chal­lenge for Jeroen.

Brazil biotope

Su­ma­tra biotope

Name: Jeroen Van­hooren Age: 38 Oc­cu­pa­tion: Ex­pert on dan­ger­ous sub­stances in the Flem­ish En­vi­ron­ment Agency. Where­about? Aalst, Bel­gium. Time in the hobby: 30 years. Num­ber of tanks: Ten.

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