The ‘not quite Peru te­tra’

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Here’s a to­tal wild­card spot­ted at Aqual­ife in Ley­land. If you haven’t been there, do your­self a favour and head on over — each and ev­ery tank con­tains an as­sort­ment of waifs, strays and odd­ments.

Among the reams of un­com­monly seen species are real gems like these. Un­de­scribed, un­known fish, with just a tease of a com­mon name and noth­ing else. These lime green te­tra are the kind of fish you can com­pletely over­look, be­cause they have sim­i­lar­i­ties with ‘ev­ery­day’ com­mon fish. My mind fil­tered them out as I looked around, and it wasn’t un­til owner Steve pointed them out to me that I had my ‘woah’ mo­ment.

At a glance, they’re sorta-kinda Peru te­tra, Hyphes­so­brycon pe­ru­vianus. Ex­cept the colours are all wrong. They have the two dis­tinct ‘cau­dal blotches’ (look at the base of the tail), but while those of the Peru te­tra are orange-red, the im­poster te­tra has bright lemon blotches. Add to that the bright red eye, and metal­lic green taint along the flank, and you’ve got a fish which is, frankly, out­right gor­geous. Pretty cheap, too.

Sci­en­tific name: No idea. Hyphes­so­brycon sp., most likely. Size: Likely around 4cm. Ori­gin: Peru, I be­lieve. Habi­tat: As­sume shal­low streams with veg­e­ta­tion, leaf lit­ter and roots (as with other Hyphes­so­brycon of this shape). Tank size: Min­i­mum 45 x 30cm foot­print. Wa­ter re­quire­ments: As­sume acidic to neu­tral and soft: 5.0–7.0ph, hard­ness 2–8°H. Tem­per­a­ture: Likely 23–26°C. Tem­per­a­ment: Peace­ful. Feed­ing: Om­ni­vore, of­fer flake and pel­let foods, live and frozen Daph­nia, Cy­clops and blood­worm. Avail­abil­ity and price: First time I’ve ever seen them, re­tail­ing at £1.79 each.

Ter­rific te­tra with­out a name

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